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We offer a number of packages for our clients

Fostering Divine Protection

Spiritual Protection

Paranormal activity is at an all-time high!  People are dealing with spirits and spiritual attacks on a daily basis.  This package is designed to teach you how to protect yourself and your family from both incarnate and disincarnate disagreeable spirits.

Live an Abundant Life

Spiritual Abundance

This package is designed to assist you in living the abundant life.  Regardless of the economic circumstances you find yourself in right now, this ancient knowledge will change your life for the better.  

Surviving a Loss


Right now, people are suffering with loss on all levels.  From the loss of a loved one to the loss of a career, this is now a common occurrence.  This package is designed to assist you during your transitional period.  

Usher in Peace & Happiness


Many people are unaware that they are suffering with low self-esteem.  Tragic events that occur in life can lead to negative thinking.  This package is designed to break those negative thoughts while you focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

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Wise Counsel

Spiritual Work

Are you dealing with spiritual issues?  Are you in need of wise counsel?

We can help!

Natural Healing is Available

Medicine Man Session

Suffering with an ailment? Desire an herbal remedy? We can help. Schedule a Medicine man session today!

ALL Curses Can be Broken

Breaking Curses

This package is designed to teach you what curses are.  How to know if you are living under a curse, and how you can remove it from your life. 

Mastering Super Consciousness

Spiritual Awakening

Are you seeing things others cannot see?  Hearing voices? This package is designed for those who are having a spiritual awakening. 

Past Clients


“I have always been sensitive to spirits. Since childhood, they would visit and scare the heck out of me. I was too ashamed to tell anyone about this. I found this package and enrolled so I could learn more about them. I learned a lot of useful information that has made my spiritual interactions easier to deal with.”
“I got my reading done and I am utterly amazed at how much they knew about my current life issues. My past lives had a direct effect on EVERYTHING I am experiencing today. This reading is very powerful as it has silenced all of the unanswered questions, I have had my whole life.”
“I was in danger of losing my job, and I contacted Ausar and Auset asking for assistance. Auset gave me a personalized ritual that I performed and to my amazement, everything worked out in my favor. I am very grateful for her assistance, and I KNOW that her intervention assisted me during my trials.”
“I have always felt like I was cursed. Regardless of what I tried; everything would always fail. I found this package online and decided to enroll in it. After successfully completing it, I feel so much better! I am finally experiencing good luck and I am truly grateful for this experience.”